Valentines Day – 5 Senses Gift


This is not only my first year having a serious boyfriend on Valentines Day, but having any type of significant other for the Hallmark holiday.

I wanted to do something nice for Cody. I didn’t want to give him a cliché gift, but I also didn’t want to go all out on an expensive gift either because like most people my age money is tight and it IS only our first v-day together.

I hopped onto Pinterest, like any 22 year old female would do, and started searching for ideas. I saw a few I liked but didn’t think they were enough.

Then I found the perfect idea: the 5 senses gift.

Here’s how I did it:

Step One: Supplies

I headed to Michaels craft store and found cute little foldable brown boxes. Perfect! I then found really cute sticky labels that reminded me of lace doilies near the scrapbook section. Toward the middle of the store were gondolas full of 50% off Valentines day products. I found cute brown ribbon that reminded me of burlap with red hearts for me to stack the boxes and tie them together. Last, I found what I will call “crazy box stuffing”, shredded pink white and red paper that looks like Cupid had coughed up. Supplies = Complete.

Step Two: Gifts

I decided to go with small yet thoughtful gifts.

Sight: We recently had a new movie theater put in, free refills, cheaper tickets, and reclining seats. Its pretty awesome and Cody’s favorite. I got a $10 gift card which should cover a movie and popcorn or drink. It will definitely get used.

Taste: I got mini Jack Daniel’s bottles. 3 bottles only cost me $9 at the wine and spirits store, and they all fit in my box! I planned on throwing some candy in there too, but then I started putting everything together and before I knew it the bow was tied. Oops.

Touch: Cody’s roommates sister is a massage therapist and does deep tissue massages. I contacted her and asked to purchase a gift certificate. Ironically, after I had made arrangements to get the gift cert, he complained to me about his back.  Can you say perfect timing?

Sound: This one was kind of tough for me. The only ideas I had were: Google play gift card, headphones, or a mix CD. I just bought a new computer and have no music to make a CD, and that didn’t fit in my box so that idea was out. I went with the Google play gift card. I hope that he uses it for music, but he’ll probably use it for clash of clans. Boys.

Smell: I struggled with this more than I did with my sound box. I thought about cologne, but he’s picky about what he smells like. What could I get that’s small but useful? I ended up going with a small black cherry candle and black ice air fresheners for his truck. I’m not sure if he’ll use the candle, but I had no other ideas. Maybe I’ll just take it if he doesn’t!

Needless to say, I am super duper excited to give Cody his gifts on Saturday! He has no idea I did any of this. I told him I wanted to go to CVS last night, and he asked why I wouldn’t just come to Walmart with him. I said that I needed to get him a card to put with his small gift, that I couldn’t afford much but didn’t want him to see his card. He fell for it.


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